About Us

Company History

Washburne's has been on this location for 22 years. It is owned by Stewart Washburne.

We have three types of services available to you. The first is our trailer repair shop, where we offer any type of repair work to your trailer, inspections, liftgate work, and parts. Second, we have our Paint and Body shop, where we can do any kind of painting, refinishing, or other cosmetic work. Finally, if you are stuck on the road and need immediate roadside assistance, our service truck is available to you anytime during our normal business hours.



People from all over the country bring their trailers to us, and here's why:

  1. We service all makes and models of semi-trucks, trailers, van bodies, and buses.
  2. We perform State and Federal FHWA Inspections.
  3. We sell several brand-name parts, as well as install them.
  4. We specialize in liftgate and hydraulic repair work.
  5. We service and repair dock levelers and OH building doors.
  6. Service trucks are available for roadside assistance during our business hours.
  7. We have been in the industry of truck and trailer repair since 1974.
  8. We are honest and fair with our pricing and payment plans.
  9. We pick up and deliver.
  10. We have nine employees, all trained well in their work to give you the best possible service.
  11. Our facility has a warm, caring atmosphere with friendly staff and excellent service.

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